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Radzilow Jewish Landmarks
For pinpointed locations, see Radzilow Street Map
Jewish Cemetery - Taken in 1939, it is the only photo of the cemetery uncovered to date;also, photo of site as it looks now
Cheder - Remains of building on outskirts of town
Synagogues - There were three synagogues in town; no photo has yet been found from before the war; photo of former location of one of them
Radzilow Town Photos From Before WWII (other outdoor photos can be found in Radzilover section)
Electric Lights Come to Town - From the late 1920's, shortly after electricity was introduced
Kowalski Forge
Old Black & White Pictures of Radzilow
From the 1950's & 1960's
Picture Gallery of Recent Trips to Radzilow
Jeff Kaiser's Trip, October 2004
Simon Konover's Trip - May 2004
Helen Rosenbaum's Trip, April 2004
Bonnie Phelps' Trip, May 1999
Keith Juzba's Trip, March 2003
Melisse Leib's Trip, September 2002
Amy Hale's Trip, Radzilow, May 2002
Ty Rogers' Trip, Radzilow, July 6, 2001
Eunice Kahn's Trip, October 2000
Charles Stabinsky's Trip, 1985
Pictures of Nearby Towns
(5 miles from Radzilow)
Mostly Catholic small towns and villages:
Kramarzewo, Loje Awissa, Okrasin, Racibory,
Przytuly, Slucz and Swiecienin
Town Tour of Major Jewish Towns in the Area
(5-20 miles of Radzilow)
Larger towns with important Jewish presences:
Jedwabne, Klimaszewnica, Lomza, Stawiski,
Szczuczyn, Trzcianne, Wasosz, Wizna
Other nearby towns with historical importance
to Radzilow: Chojnowo, Osowiec
Bogusze Transit Camp
Photos of three memorials in Bogusze (located 19.7 miles N of Radzilow).
Treblinka Extermination Camp
Photos of the extermination camp (located 53 miles SSW of Radzilow) and the Radzilow Memorial Stone
Yad Vashem
The Radzilow section in the Valley of Communities
Aerial Views of Radzilow - Soon
Wonderful aerial photos, facing in various directions
Radzilow Catholic Church and Cemetery
Zapust Carnival in Radzilow
Picture Gallery of Radzilow Landsmen
Photos taken in Poland
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 1
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 2
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 3
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 4
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 5
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 6
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 7
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 8
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 9
Picture Gallery of Radzilow Landsmen
The Mosze Szymon Rozenbaum Collection
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 10
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 11
Picture Gallery of Radzilow Landsmen
The Avraham Dotan Collection
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 12
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 13
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 14
Picture Gallery of Radzilow Landsmen
Photos taken in their country of immigration
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 15
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 16
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 17
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 18
Radzilover Photo Album, Part 19
Radzilow Memorabilia
19th Century Chanukah Menorah
19th Century Snuff Box, Rabbi Surawicz
Rozenbaum Report Card - 1934/35
Rozenbaum School Notebook - Early 1930's
Rozenbaum Wooden Box - 1939
Letter by Rabbi Gelgor - 1934
Letter by Ephraim Gutsztejn - 1939
Radzilow Postmarks
Radzilow Landsmen In Israel
Photos of landsmen gathering in Israel,
1950's and 1997
Photos of landsmen gathering at the Memorial Plaque, Holon, Israel, July 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006
Photo Identification Section
Specific requests to identify landsmen
Radzilow Rabbis
Rabbi Szemen Aryeh Surawicz
Rabbi Jankiel Wejdenbaum
Rabbi Kiwa (Akiba) Goldberg
Rabbi Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor
Rabbi Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor - 1934 Letter
Radzilow Personalities
Pesza and Yisrael Mejer Gutsztejn
Mosze Szymon Rozenbaum
Josef Atlasowicz
Boruch Itzchok Bejnsztejn, Dayan
Brajna Kowalska
Benjamin and Chaya Porycki - Soon
Dorogoj Family
Ben-Tsion Dorogoy
Chana and Yisrael Finkielsztejn
Berel (Dov) Wasesrztejn
Mendel Staroletni
Abraham Kielczewski
Efroim Hersz Niedzwiecki
Michel Sztabinski
Joel Guthwert
Beatrice Fields - 10.5 Min. Video Interview
Molly Gottfried - 23 Min. Audio Interview

Note: There are many more photos which I've decided not to include in this public section, for various reasons, including non-reciprocation, or lack of cooperation by some of their landsmen families on other matters. These include many different Radzilow surnames and families not pictured above. I will consider releasing them on a case-by-case basis if related families send me the photos or Radzilow material they have in their possession.

Special passworded sub-sections, by category and/or surname. Password to specific sub-sections given at my discretion.