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Boruch Itzchok Bejnsztejn, Dayan of Radzilow

1835 - 1910

Little is known about Boruch Itzchok Bejnsztejn, Dayan of Radzilow until his death in 1910. He had at least 6 children, but thus far, only descendants of one of them, Chaja Fejga, have been found. The Bejnsztejn family has roots in Radzilow which can be traced back to the mid-1700's. It is a very large tree with many different branches. If you are a Bejnsztejn/Beinstein from Radzilow or any nearby town, please contact me..

New York, 1910
 Chaja Fejga (nee Bejnsztejn) and Mordechai Tyszkowski (Fanny and Max Tish), and 6 of their children [L-R]: Frank, Davis, Raphael (Ralph), Chaja Fejga (Fanny), Mortchaj (Max), Nathan, Eliasz (Alexander), Zelig (Solomon)
Max went to London, 1899;
Fanny & 2 children followed, 1900;
Max went to America, 1907;
Fanny & 6 children followed in 1909

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