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Radzilover Photo Album, Part 17

Pictures taken after emigration

Left: London 1906; Right: London 1910
Brajna (Brina) Kowalska
Early photo shows her still wearing her Eastern European dress; Later photo shows her in a fashionable big city dress
Went to London, 1905

New York City, ca 1924
Szejna Rajchel (nee Kowalska)
and her husband (and cousin)
Moszk (Morris) Kowalski
Szejna went to America, 1921
Morris went to America, 1912

Israel, late 1940's
Mejer Kowalski
Went to Israel, ca 1924
New York, early 1930's
Szejna Rochel (nee Kowalska) and
her husband (and cousin) Morris Kowalski
Szejna went to America, 1921
Morris went to America, 1912
Tyszkowski Family, London, ca 1908
[L-R]: Jack Tiskowsky (later Davis),
Mary Dinah Tyszkowski (later Coffman, then Knopp), Sara Rywka (Sara Rivke) (nee Staroletna) Tyszkowska, Leja Tyszkowski (later Leah Bresler), Abraham Tiskowski (later Arthur Tisso Starr), Zelig Tyszkowski (later Solly Tiskofsky), Dawid Tyszkowski (later Daniel/Davis Tiskofsky), Rachel (Raie) Tyszkowski (later Diskofsky), Lily Kiskowsky (later Woliner)
Went to London, 1900-01
Szwarcberg - Linenberg Family, London, 1913
Back Row [L-R]: John Blackman, Chaim Alter Linenberg (b. Radzilow), Janie Applebaum (b. Radzilow, daughter of Bejla Szwarcberg), David Blackman (b. Radzilow as Dawid Szwarcberg), Lewis Blackman
Middle Row [L-R]: Bella Linenberg (on her mother's lap), Etta/Atka (nee Szwarcberg) Linenberg (b. Radzilow), Abram Szwarcberg (blacksmith, b. Radzilow, was on holiday in London at the time of the photo, but returned to Radzilow), Jane Linenberg (later Daniels), Rachel (nee Cohen) Blackman, Jane Blackman (on her mother's lap) Front Row [L-R]: Lily Linenberg (later Thomas), Miriam/Mary Linenberg
Went to London, 1899-1900
New York, 1910
Chaja Fejga (nee Bejnsztejn) and Mordechai Tyszkowski
(Fanny and Max Tish), and 6 of their children
[L-R]: Frank, Davis, Raphael (Ralph), Chaja Fejga (Fanny), Mortchaj (Max), Nathan, Eliasz (Alexander), Zelig (Solomon)
Fanny and Max went to London, 1901; Max went to America, 1907; Fanny and 6 children followed in 1909
See photo of Fanny's father, Boruch Itzchok Bejnsztejn, Dayan of Radzilow

6 of the 7 Tyszkowski brothers, NY, 1945
[Back row L-R]: Frank Tish, Raphael Tish, Solomon Tisch, Isidore Robert Tish
[Front row L-R]: David Tisch, Max Tish
(father), Nathan Tisch [Not pictured]: Alex Tish
Read Ralph Tish's section, Jedwabne YB; See photo of their grandfather, Boruch
Itzchok Bejnsztejn, Dayan of Radzilow

New York, ca 1922
Gitl Chorazycka
Went to America, 1922
See photo of Gitl in Radzilow

Israel, ca 1928
[Back row L-R]: Chaim Kowalski,
Binyamin Poritzky (Porycki, later Dotan),
Chaya Poritzky (nee Kowalska, later Dotan),
Yehudit Kaminski (nee Kuberska),
Ephraim Kaminski [Front row L-R]: Hinda Kowalska (later Weissenstern), Mejer Kowalski, Izrael Mosze Kowalski (later Moshe Peled), Esther Kowalski (nee Estera Dwojra Kaminska)

Sadie (Sora) Kowalska and
husband Charles Rubman, ca 1920
Sadie went to America, 1914, via UK
Mendel Staroletni, 1915
Russian Army, Summer and Winter Uniforms
Drafted into the Russian Army, 1914
Went to America via Japan, 1918
See his photo taken in Radzilow just before being drafted
Read his memoirs about being drafted into the Russian Army
New Haven, CT, ca 1925
Dawid Staroletni (David Levine in America)
Born in Radzilow; married in Wizna
[Right photo]: Grandson Sheldon and
daughter Alice, both born in America
Dawid went to America before 1902

England, 1918
Shim Kaminski (Samuel Kamensky in
England) in his WWI British Army
uniform of the Royal Engineers
Went to England, before 1904

Kamensky Family, Liverpool, ca 1915
Shim Kaminski (Samuel Kamensky in
England), daughter Qeenie Kamensky,
wfie Kate Kamensky

Philip Star (Staroletni)
in his American GI uniform
during WWII (ca 1944), with his wife Marie and twin daughters Frances and Shirley
Went to America, 1930
Read about Philip's brother Mendel

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1954
[L-R]: Marjem (nee Chorazycka)
Linenberg, Abram Linenberg,
Sara (nee Linenberg) Ostrozshinski,
Abram Ostrozshinski, and son
Hershele Ostrozshinski
Went to Uruguay, ca 1930

Israel, early 1940's
Mosze Szymon Sawicki (upon arriving in
Israel, took on his mother's maiden name of Bursztyn and became Moshe Bourstein and Shoshana (nee Kowalski) Bourstein
Mosze went to Israel, 1941
Shoshana went to Israel, 1935

Finland, ca 1910-15
Joel Guthwert
Born in Radzilow, 1850
Went to Finland, 1872
Read about Joel in Finland