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Radzilover Photo Album, Part 5

Pictures taken in Poland

Mejer Kowalski, 1910's
Went to Israel, ca 1924
See photo of Mejer at the Kowalski forge
See photo of Mejer in Israel

Kowalski Forge, Mid-1920's

[L-R]: Chana (nee Markowicz) Tyszkowski, Zelda (nee Tyszkowska) Bialaszewska, Mejer Chaim Tyszkowski;
[Photo taken in Jedwabne, ca 1905]
Zelda killed in Jedwabne, 1941;
her husband Abram Bialaszewski
k illed in Radzilow, 1941
Leja (nee Linenberg) Kowalski, [L] 1920's, [R] 1922
Died in Radzilow, 1931

[L-R]: Reizil Niedzwiecka, Israel Mosze
Kowalski, Efroim Hersz Niedzwiecki, 1922
Israel Mosze went to Israel, ca 1924;
Reizil; went to Israel, 1939; Efroim Hersz went to Israel, 1933, then joined British Army (prisoner of war, 1941-46 in Germany), returned to Israel

Etka Leah (nee Kreplak)
and Nochym Wolf Kowalski
Etka Leah went to Israel, 1935
Nochym Wolf went to Israel, 1934
See photo of Etka Leah in Israel

Etka Leah (nee Kreplak) Kowalski
and six children [Passport Photo]
[Top row L-R]: Frejdka/Frieda, Mejer, Sosia/Shoshana; [Bottom row L-R]: Efroim Zelman, Szejna/Yaffa, Sora Dwejra
All went to Israel, 1935
See photo of Frieda in Israel
See photo of Frieda in 2007 Memorial
See photo of Shoshana in Israel

Nochym Wolf Kowalski
[Passport Photo]
Went to Israel, 1934

Mendel Staroletni (Max Star), 1915
Drafted into the Russian Army, 1914
Went to America, 1918
Staroletni Family, c.1921
Chana Basza (nee Frajman) & Moszk Staroletni with 3 of their 8 children: Liba (back left), Philip (probably originally Fajwel, back right) & Bejla (front).
Liba thought to have died in Radzilow just before WWII; Moszk & Chana Basza killed in Radzilow, 1941, along with Liba's orphaned children; Bejla went to Israel c.1928; Philip went to America as a stowaway, 1930

Late 1910's
Most likely Sora Fejga Chorazycka
(nee Kowalski) on far right;
Gitl  Chorazycka on front left;
Etka Chorazycka second from left
Sora Fejga died in Radzilow, 1917;
Gitl went to NYC 1922;
Etka killed in Radzilow, 1941

Gitl Chorazycka, ca 1921
[Photo taken in Grajewo]
Went to America, 1922
See photo of Gitl in New York

Chorazycki Family, ca 1919
Abram Chorazycki and daughters;
[Clockwise from top left]:
Gitl, Marjem, Etka & Szejna (Yaffe)
Abram died before 1922;
Gitl went to America, 1922;
Marjem went to Uruguay, 1930's;
Etka killed in Radzilow, 1941;
Szejna went to Israel

ca 1932
The two children dressed in white:
Efroim Hersz Niedzwiecki and
his sister Szejna Rejzil Niedzwiecki;
Others unknown, but likely elder siblings
Efroim Hersz went to Israel, 1933
Szejna Rejzil went to Israel, 1939

Krejna (nee Kowalska) Niedzwiecka
with her two youngest children,
Efroim Hersz & Szejna Rejzil
Krejna went to Israel, 19xx
Reyzil went to Israel, 1939;
Efroim Hersz went to Israel, 1933,
then joined British Army (prisoner of war, 1941-46 in Germany), returned to Israel
Read about Efroim and see photos from Stalag VIII B, Germany, 1941-45

Efroim Hersz Niedzwiecki
is in back row, 2nd from left
Efroim Hersz went to Israel, 1933

Chaja Fejga Niedzwiecka
(Later married name Finkielsztejn)
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Kielce, 1936
[L-R]: Gitl (nee Niedzwiecki) Akerman, Unknown man, Sara (nee Niedzwiecki) Kamin
Gitl went to Israel, 19xx
Sara went to Israel, 19xx
See photo of Gitl and Sara in Israel