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Radzilover Photo Album, Part 16

Pictures taken after emigration

Frume Dorogoj and Shlomo Klein, 1946
[Photo taken in Lodz, Poland]
Frume escaped just as the Germans advanced into town and she made her way to Latvia, then deep into Russia (married Shlomo), and eventually to Israel in 1948; Shlomo returned to Lodz in 1946 to sell his family's property for a meager sum; She was afraid to return to Radzilow; Mistakenly identified in the Grajewo YB as the first person killed in Radzilow, when it was actually her sister Szyma

Bencyjon Dorogoj, Israel, ca 1937
(Ben-Tzion Dorogoy)
Went to Israel, 1936
Joined Jewish Police Forces, 1937;
Joined Jewish Brigade, 1942,
(after news of the events in Europe)
and served in Italy; Took part in
Israel's War of Independence, 1948

Bencyjon Dorogoj, Israel, 1939
(Ben-Tzion Dorogoy)
Ben-Tzion Dorogoy, fighting with the
Jewish Brigade in WWII [Photos taken in Italy]
Group Snow Photo: Second from left
Right: Jewish Brigade uniform insignia
Went to Israel, 1936; Joined Jewish Police
Forces, 1937; Joined Jewish Brigade, 1942,
(after news of the events in Europe)
and served in Italy; Took part in
Israel's War of Independence, 1948
Havana, Cuba, 1932
The entire Niedzwiecki family
from Radzilow who went to Cuba
[All except Chaya Monkowski
were born in Poland]
[Standing L-R]: Scheindle (Rosa), Binyamin, Sora, Bat-Sheva, Aron Josef Monkowski (Sora's husband), Hayche
[Sitting L-R]: Zissle, Jankiel Lejba (father), Gittel (Tova), Etka Rochel (nee Czerwinska) (mother), Brajna (Blanca)
[Children L-R]: Chaya Monkowski,
Elias, Chasida Monkowski

Gittel Niedzwiecka (seated, 2nd from left)
with her friends from Hashomer Hatzair
Havana, Cuba, ca 1930
Gittel went to Cuba, 1928
The Niedzwiecki family members in Havana, Cuba on the occasion of their parents, Jankiel Lejba Niedzwiecki and
Etka Rochel (nee Czerwinska),
making aliyah to Israel in 1948.
[Top row]: Binyamin Bekerman and his wife Chaya; Gittel Levi (nee Niedzwiecka); Bat-Sheva Niedzwiecka
[Bottom row]: Aron Josef Monkowski and his wife Sora Malka (nee Niedzwiecka), their daughters Chaya (born in Cuba) and Chasida [far right; born in Radzilow]; and David Levi (Gittel's husband)
See photos of Gittel in Radzilow

Picture taken on Gittel Niedzwiecka's wedding day in Israel, 1938

Israel, 1948
Jankiel Lejba Niedzwiecki and
Etka Rochel (nee Czerwinska)
Went to Cuba, 1928
Went to Israel, 1948

[Top] Efroim Hersz Niedzwiecki, induction into the British Army, 1939
[Right] As a prisoner of war in
Stalag VIII B, Germany, from 1941-45
Read about Efroim and see photos of his family in Radzilow

Utica, NY, ca 1932
Itzchak (Itche) Meir Niedzwiecki
Read about his nephew Efroim Hersz

ca 1940, Israel
Krejna (nee Kowalska) Niedzwiecka
Went to Israel, 19xx
See photos of Krejna in Radzilow
Niedzwiecki family
ca 1942, Tel Aviv
  Back row [L-R]: Szejna Rejzil (Yaffa) (nee Niedzwiecki) Stein, Yitzhak Kamin, Sara (nee Niedzwiecki) Kamin, Elimelech Akerman, Tova (Gitl) {nee Niedzwiecki) Akerman, Shoshana (Reizil) (nee Niedzwiecki) Davidovich [Sitting]: Krejna (nee Kowalska) Niedzwiecka and Owsiej Mordchaj Niedzwiecki Berenson)
[Children]: Ruthi Kamin, Amos Akerman
See photos of Szejna Rejzil, Krejna and Owsiej Mordchaj in Radzilow
Niedzwiecki Family
ca 1933, Utica, NY
[L-R]:b Chaya Gitla (later Harriet Gertrude); Seated on the arm of the chair is Judka Leib (Julius, known as Lou or Laibl). The baby on Isaac Meyer's lap is American-born Alan (often called Choni, possibly after the family patriarch Chonko). The lad on the right is Froim Mendel (later known as Mendel, or Manny). At rear stands Brajna Neidzwiecka (nee Brajna Brzoza, name changed to Bertha Berrenson.) The gentleman seated is her husband, Isaac Meyer Berrenson (originally Niedzwiecki).
Isaac Meyer went to America, 1926

1934-5 Utica, NY
Chaya Gitla Niedzwiecka (later Harriet Gertrude Berenson) and her brother Froim Mendel Niedzwiecki (later Manny Berenson)

Odessa, Ukraine, ca 1930
Chaim Yosef Niedzwiecki
Went to Ukraine, 1909
See the 19th Century Menorah
he took from Radzilow to Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine, ca 1930
Sora (nee Robejko) Niedzwiecki
Went to Ukraine, 1909

Feb 24, 1944, Belovo, Russia
Seated on right: Roza (Reyzl)
(nee Czerwinski) Niedzwiecki
and her children: Benjamin, Brajna, Gittel
[Back row]: Benjamin and Brajna Niedzwiecki [Front row]: her sister-in-law Malka/Malvina, Gittel Niedzwiecki
Went to Russia, ca 1929

Mscichowski Family, NY, ca 1920
[Most members of this family took
the name Barbanel in America]
[Top row L-R]: Hyman Elliot Barbanel,
Rose (nee Barbanel) Shefkowitz/Sheff,
William Barbanel, Szejna (Jennie)
(nee Barbanel) Marcowitz
[Bottom row {L-R]: Isaac Mschichofsky Adler, Malka (Mollie) (nee Farbowicz) Barbanel, Ida (nee Barbanel) Kramer.
Malka and Szejna went to America, 1904

Cleveland, late 1920's
Rochla Chana (nee Wajnberg) Czerwinski
and son Nathan Sherwin (Czerwinski)

New York, 1923
Julius Atlasowicz (Atlas in America)
and Fenora/Fanny Schneider
with children [L-R] Sam, Leon, Rose
Julius went to America, ca 1913
Read Julius' brother Morris' memoirs about life in Radzilow around 1910
Bernard Salomons
Born in Radzilow in 1863. Left with parents and six siblings in 1867. Became a Rabbi in Ramsgate, Kent, England. Top: 1922; Right: ca 1900
Went to England, 1867

Fishman Family, NYC, ca 1911
Cywia (Celia) (nee Moruszewska)
and Lejzor Fiszkowski (Lewis Fishman)
Children [L-R]: Abraham,
unknown sister, Sam, Jack
Went to America, before 1906