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Radzilover Photo Album, Part 6

Pictures taken in Poland

Rabbi Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor,
Rabbi of Radzilow from the late 1920's until WWII, originally from Olshany, Belarus
Killed in Radzilow, 1941
Read magnificent letter he wrote in 1934
Read about the Rabbi and see his house

Etel Gelgor
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Etel Gelgor [center] and
daughters Sara and Rywka
Sara went to Israel before 1925
Rywka killed in Radzilow, 1941

Rywka (nee Gelgor) Grajewska
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Rywka (nee Gelgor) Grajewska and children
[L-R]: Pinchas, Feigele, Liebenke
[Photo most likely taken in Narewka Mala]
Rywka killed in Radzilow, 1941

Jankiel Gersz Mioduszewski

Mendel Farbowicz
Died in Radzilow, 1931
He appears as a perennial witness in
many B/M/D documents for decades.
One of the elder statesmen of Radzilow.

Farbowicz Family
[L-R]: Velvel, Bodana (Beatie),
Necha; their mother

Farbowicz Family
Necha Farbowicz on lower right;
others unknown

Farbowicz Family
[L-R]: Necha Farbowicz, unknown

Radzilow School Class, date unknown

Radzilow School Class, date unknown

Malka Farbowicz and daughter
[Photo taken in Suwalki]
Malka went to America, 1904

Chacek/Chatzkel Barbanielski
Went to America, ca 1914

Leja (nee Berman) Barbanielska
Went to America, 1920

Finkielsztejn Family
[L-R]: Zorach, Gitl, Chana Rywka (nee
Zimnowicz) Finkielsztejn, Rochl and Ellie

ca 1916
Malka (nee Brzozowska) and
2nd husband Lejba Gersz Najman
[L-R]: Sora Rywka, Chaim Fajba,
Rochla - girls are from of Lejba's 1st
marriage; Chaim is from marriage to Malka
[Photo most likely taken in Szczuczyn;
Malka was born in Radzilow]
Malka died in Szczuczyn, 1934
Lejba died in Szczuczyn, 1935

Passport Photo, 1934
[L-R]: Miriam (nee Zandler) Ebensztejn, Tova Ebensztejn, Berko Ebensztejn

Mortchaj Gryngras and Bejla Calecka
Mortchaj died 1916; Bejla died 1923
Hear their daughter Molly/Malka
(nee Gryngras) Gottfried talk about her remembrances of Radzilow

Cywia Liba (nee Robakowski) Gutferd
and daughter Rachel Gutferd
Cywia Liba went to America, 19xx
Rachel survived the Holocaust
and went to Israel, 1947

Lejba Dawid Gryngras and family
[Photo taken in Lomza]
Caption to be added
Fates to be added