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Radzilover Photo Album, Part 7

Pictures taken in Poland

Moshe Konopka
[Photo taken in Jedwabne, where he
married Szejna Basza Szabsuk,
but he was born in Radzilow]
Died in Stawiski, ca 1914

Atlasowicz Family, ca 1920
Yosef Atlasowicz and 2nd wife Chana Peltynowicz; Daughters from 1st wife Miriam Libby Niedzwiadowicz: [L-R] Esther, Freidka
Yosef died in Radzilow, 1924; Chana's fate unknown; Esther went to America, 1920; Freidka killed in Radzilow, 1941
Read Moshe Atlasowicz's memoirs of life in Radzilow around 1910

Chaja Esther (nee Targonska)
and Abram Itzhak Konopka

Mendel Gersz Dublin
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Chana (nee Finkielsztejn) Dublin
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Abram Mejer Mejranowski, ca 1896
[From Wasosz, with Radzilow roots]
Went to America, 1897
Made several trips back to Poland,
even had 2 children born there by 2nd wife Zlata Perla (nee Palenbaum). By 1904, was in Chicago with Zlata.
See photos in America

Raczkowski Family
[L-R]: Fania (nee Kaplan) Raczkowski, husband Zyskind Raczkowski (born in Radzilow), son Szlomo, and Fania's sister Regina (nee Kaplan) Cyrlak
[Photo taken in front of the
Z. Kaplan Studio in Szczuczyn]

Zyskind Raczkowski (born in Radzilow),
2nd from left.
[L-R]: Fania (nee Kaplan) Raczkowski, Zyskind Raczkowski, Etla Kaplan, Moshe Kaplan, Zalman Kaplan, Regina Kaplan, Arthur Indurski
[Photo taken in Szczuczyn]

[L-R]: Zyskind Raczkowski
(born in Radzilow) and wife Fania (nee Kaplan) Raczkowski, Regina (nee Kaplan) and Izak Cyrlak sporting the latest fashions, mid-1930's.
[Photo taken in the garden of the
Z. Kaplan Studio in Szczuczyn]

[L-R]: Zyskind Raczkowski
(born in Radzilow) and wife
Fania (nee Kaplan) Raczkowski
[Photo taken in Szczuczyn]

Szapsa Szwarcberg

Moshe Shimon Szwarcberg, 1899
In Russian Army uniform

Chaja Rochla (nee Sawicka)
and Motek Chunowicz, 1907
Moved to Makow Mazowiecki after marriage.
Motek went to America in 1923;
Chaja followed in 1928 with their 5 children

Dwoszka (nee Baranowicz) and Moszko Szymon Sawicki
Dwoszka died before 1931 in Makow Mazowiecka
Moszko Szymon died before 1908 in Radzilow

Roza Sawicki
Killed in Radzilow, 1941
Mosze Szymon Sawicki (later took the name Bursztyn)
[L]: Taken in Suwalki, ca 1935, in Polish Army uniform
[R]: Taken in Poland or Russia, ca 1939-40
Went to Israel, 1941
Read about his experience in Anders Army
See his photo in Israel

Chunowicz Family, 1927
[Photo taken in Makow Mazowiecka]
[L-R]: Chuna, Chaim, Shimon, Gittel (nee Sawicka) Rachel, Hershel, Chana Itka, Sheinshe Chuna (see left photo); Shimon spent 6 months in Polish labor camp 1939, escaped, met up with Chuna in Lomza, followed same route until sent to Siberia 1944, then eventually to America; Chaim killed in Auschwitz, 1943; Gittel and Hershel killed in Treblinka, 1942; Rachel killed in Treblinka, 1942; Chana killed in Radzilow, 1941; Sheinshe killed in Makow, 1942

Gutman and Chana Itka
(nee Chunowicz) Sawicki
Both killed in Radzilow, 1941,
along with two children

Gittel (nee Sawicka) and Hershel Chunowicz and children Sheinshe and Chuna
[Photo taken in Makow Mazowiecka]
Gittel and Hershel killed in Treblinka, 1942; Sheinshe killed in Makow, 1942; Chuna escaped through Lomza in 1939, Pinsk 1940, Stalingrad as the Germans advanced 1941; then after war, eventually to America

Kowalski Family, 1930

Gitla (nee Sawicka) Jarmulowski and
her mother Szejna (nee ?) Sawicka
[Photo taken in Szczuczyn,
but both were born in Radzilow]

Izrael Bialoszewski, 18xx
In Russian Army uniform, stationed in Novgorod, Russia
Went to America, 1899
See his photo in America