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Molly (nee Gryngras) Gottfried Interview About Radzilow

Conducted in 1963, She Reminisces About Her Life in Radzilow Before Emigrating in 1906

Recording lasts 24 minutes

Molly was born Malka Gryngras, in Radzilow, in 1887 and died in 1988. She emigrated to America in 1906, coming on the same boat as her future husband-to-be Samuel Gottfried, who was also from Radzilow, and actually her 3rd cousin. Three of his siblings would follow in the next few years. The youngest sibling remained behind with her parents, survived the Holocaust, and was reunited with her 4 surviving siblings, over 50 years later, in Rochester, NY. [See story]
Sam and Molly married in Rochester, NY.
The interview was conducted in 1963 by her nephew, Myril Green, of Schenectady, NY. This clip, which is at the end of part 1 of what is a larger recording, ends abruptly, but part 2 of the interview begins with an altogether different subject, about her life in Rochester.
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