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Rabbi Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor

ca 1880-1941

Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor served as the Rabbi of Radzilow from around 1928, until he was killed in 1941. He was the last Rabbi of Radzilow.

He was originally from the town of Olshany, Belarus, and was brought over to Radzilow to take over the position left open by the death of the previous Rabbi Kiwa Goldberg.

Rabbi Gelgor had four children: Rywka, Sara, Rajna and Chanoch. Rywka married in Radzilow in 1931.

If anyone has connections to the Gelgor or Potashnik families from Olshany, or the Belarus area in general, please contact me, as I am in touch with Rabbi Gelgor's grandson in Israel, who would be most grateful to find relatives on either his Gelgor or Potashnik sides.


Business Directory Listings
R. Gelgor (Leaven - Breadmaker)

Etel Gelgor
Killed in Radzilow, 1941

Rywka (nee Gelgor) Grajewska and children
[Left photo taken at an earlier stage]
Children [L-R]: Pinchas, Feigele, Liebenke Rywka killed in Radzilow, 1941

Etel Gelgor [center] and daughters Sara and Rywka
Sara went to israel before 1925; Rywka killed in Radzilow, 1941

Rabbi Gelgor's house in Radzilow
Located on the SW corner of Town Square, at the intersection of Koscielna and Karwowska Streets

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