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Tour of Towns Close to Radzilow (Within 5-20 Miles)

Larger towns in the vicinity with important Jewish presences.

[Click on the interactive map, or the individual town buttons at the bottom, for pictures of each town]

Interactive Map

Radzilow was located right in between and close to many towns in Lomza Gubernia. As a result, there was a lot of interaction between them, whether it was of a commercial nature, socially or among families marrying. The huge Biebrzanski marshlands to the east, stretching from Wizna in the south, along the Biebrza River, up to Klimaszewnica, and then further up to the northeast, made travel in that direction much more difficult, limiting interaction with towns located on the other side. The Prussian border to the west of Szcuzczyn and Kolno, likewise limited migration in that direction.

Using my family as a typical example of migration patterns: A typical Radzilover family had roots and branches in many of these towns, and vice versa. My family was no exception.

Before moving to Radzilow:
My Haginski family came from Stawiski.
My Klimaszewski family came from Klimaszewnica.
My Szeraszew family came from Radzilow.
[Szeraszew/Klimaszewski marriage, Radzilow, 1827]
[Haginski/Klimaszewski marriage, Radzilow, 1837]
[Szeraszew/Haginski marriage, Radzilow, 1848]
My Zimnowicz family came from Szczuczyn.
[Zimnowicz/Haginski marriage, Radzilow, 1855]
My Markiewicz family likely came from Lomza.
[Gutsztejn/Markiewicz marriage, 1860]
My Gutsztejn family came from Wizna.
[Gutsztejn/Zimnowicz marriage, Radzilow, 1893]

Descendants of all the above marriages were born in Radzilow, where most stayed and married for several generations. As a result, at least 25 different surnames in Radzilow are related to me in one way or another. Other male descendants married brides in some of these same nearby towns and subsequently stayed there to raise their families. Also, my ancestors who came to marry in Radzilow had families that stayed behind in their respective towns. Therefore, I have significant branches in all nine of these towns, as well as in a few others slightly further away (Bialystok, Grajewo, Kolno, Mlawa, Myszyniec, Nowogrod, Ostroleka, Ostrow Mazowiecka, Sniadowo and Sokolka). Most Radzilover families, or in fact, most families from this general area, would find similar situations occurring throughout their tree.

Click on the interactive map above, or the individual town buttons below, for pictures of each town:


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Note: Future sections will likely include collections from Kolno, Myszyniec,
Nowogrod and Sniadowo. Perhaps also Grajewo.