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The Dorogoj Family

Szejna Bejla (Yaffa) (nee Kuberska)
and Moszk Dorogoj
Radzilow, 1920's-30's


Moszk Dorogoj, the son of David and Nojma Dorogoj, came to Radzilow from Rezekne, Latvia, for reasons unknown. He married Shejna Bejla Kuberska (a Radzilow native), the daughter of Ephraim Kuberski and Masha Kowalski, in 1911. The Dorogoj family lived  on Nadstawna Street, near the intersection with Lomzynska Street. Moszk and his wife Szejna Bejla (nee Kuberska) had 8 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. Moszk was a shoemaker.

Bencyjon Dorogoj emigrated to Israel in 1936. Frume managed to escape Radzilow just as the Russians came to town (see story below). Szyma was the first person killed in the pogroms of 1941, on June 26. Szejna and her remaining two children (except Kiwa), were killed on July 7, 1941.

The Dorogoj house in Radzilow (beige one in middle), located on Nadstawna Street, just off the intersection with Lomzynska

Moszk (born 1879) and his son Kiwa (born 1928) were hidden on a farm owned by one of Moszk's pre-war Catholic friends (who bought shoes from him and were also friends), in nearby Slucz, (3.6 miles NW of Radzilow). They were succesfully harbored until the end of the war, but upon their return to Radzilow, going back to their house and property, they were murdered.


Business Directory Listings
M. Dorogoj [Shoemaker]

Different angle of Dorogoj house (beige one in middle), located on Nadstawna Street, just off the intersection with Lomzynska

Dorogoj children, Radzilow, ca 1922
[L-R]: Feige or Szyma, Bencyjon, Frume
Fejge & Szyma
killed in Radzilow, 1941

Frume Dorogoj and
Shlomo Klein, 1946
[Photo taken
in Lodz, Poland]

Frume escaped just as the Germans advanced into town and she made her way to Latvia, then deep into Russia (married Shlomo), and eventually to Israel in 1948;
Returned to Lodz in 1946 to sell his family's property for a meager sum; Was afraid to return to Radzilow; Mistakenly identified in the Grajewo YB as the first person killed in Radzilow, when it was actually her sister Szyma

Bencyjon Dorogoj, Israel, ca 1937
(Ben-Tzion Dorogoy)
Went to Israel, 1936

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