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Bogusze Transit Camp

Bogusze was only 19.7 miles N of Radzilow. Residents of many towns from this part of northeast Poland (including
Radzilow) were taken to Bogusze and killed there, or afterwards in Treblinka, after Bogusze was liquidated.

Bogusze is a small village on the outskirts of Grajewo. It was the site of a "transit camp," where the Nazis kept Jews, Russians, and political prisoners waiting to be transported to the concentration and extermination camps. Jews from many of the nearby towns (including Radzilow, Stawiski, Szczuczyn and Grajewo) were sent to Bogusze. The few Jews from Radzilow who had escaped or hid during the pogrom of July 7, 1941 and who were thereafter caught (this included members of Rachel Finkielsztejn's family), were sent to Bogusze. Then, in December 1942, Bogusze was liquidated and all the Jews were sent to Treblinka (53 miles SSW of Radzilow) and Auschwitz. There are at least three memorials to the Bogusze Transit Camp in the area, only one of which is on the main road.

From the Stawiski Memorial Book: The Bogusze Camp had served previously [prior to 1942] as a concentration camp for Russian prisoners of war, where myriads of prisoners were tortured to death. The forests surrounding Bogusze were strewn with giant communal graves of prisoners.  The camp occupied a very large area, and was surrounded by a barbed wire fence. It had trenches covered with simple roofs that served as living quarters for the residents of the camp.

Memorial #1
On the main road

Memorial #1

Memorial #1
Translation: "July 22, 1944 - July 22, 1959. Here, in an area of 50 hectares, from the years 1941 to 1945, stood a place where
people from different nations were executed, a Nazi concentration camp. No more war! People of the District of Grajewo."

Memorial #2
Off a small dirt road, about one mile
down the highway from the center of town

Memorial #2

Memorial #2
Translation: "Place soaked with blood: 11,070 prisoners of war and civilians were murdered by Hitler's troops in the years 1942-1944. Honor to their memory!"

Going to Memorial #3
Across the main road and through a small semi-rural residential area, into a narrow dirt (and mud) road, and into the forest.

Memorial #3
A fairly well-tended memorial out in
the forest, in the middle of nowhere.

Memorial #3
Translation: "In honor of the victims of Hitler's fascist officers and troops: the Russian army, members of the Movement of Defiance, prisoners of the Bogusze concentration camp, Poles, Italians, Frenchmen, and Lithuanians who died at the hands of Hitler's executioners in the years 1941-1945. People of the District of Grajewo."

Photos and comments courtesy of Hank Mishkoff, 1999.
More photos of Hank's trip to northeast Poland


Photos courtesy of Jeff Kaiser, 2004

Location of Bogusze relative to Szczuczyn and Radzilow

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