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Beatrice Meyers Fields

Talks About Her Trip  to Radzilow in 1935 to Visit Her Grandfather, Michel Sztabinski

Beatrice, 1937

Beatrice Fields is the granddaughter of Michel (de farber - dyer) Sztabinski (1848-1937). She was born in New York in 1910. Michel had 5 children, 4 of whom left Radzilow for America and never went back, including Beatrice's father Abraham Sztabinski (Meyers in America). She was the only one of her family to ever return or even visit the shtetl. Her arrival was a proud moment for Michel, as he paraded her about town and showed her off to the locals. It must've been quite an event when someone from America came to the small town. Michel died two year later, in 1937. The son that stayed in Radzilow, Jankiel Meyer, was killed in 1941, along with his wife.

Beatrice did not take a camera during her trip, but Michel gave her a photo of himself (see below) as a memento to take with her. She is 97 years old (as of July 2007) and currently lives in Israel.


The photo of himself that Michel Sztabinski gave to Beatrice as a memento to take back

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