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Radzilow Jewish Cemetery

It was located on Piekna Street. The year of its foundation is unknown, covering a surface of .56 hectares, it's not enclosed, it's desolate, and there are no tombstones; local authorities had used it as (or converted it to) a garbage dump.

     Translated from: Remembrances & Monuments of Jewish Culture in Poland.
     Assembled, compiled and introduced by Przemyslaw Burchard. Warsaw, 1990.

Note: Its location is on the outskirts of town, north of Karwowo Street, about about 1000-1200 meters to the east of Town Square, opposite the current location of the public school.

For pinpointed location, see Radzilow Street Map

Mosze Szymon Rozenbaum, Late February 1939,
shortly before leaving Radzilow, paying his
last respects at the fresh grave of his father, Zundel Rozenbaum, who had passed away
only four weeks earlier on Jan 22, 1939.
This is the only photo ever uncovered of
the Radzilow Cemetery, which no longer exists.
Went to Australia, 1939

Additional Material:
Letter from Radzilow Rabbi Yehoshua Zelik Gelgor about his nephew Zundel Rozenbaum (Mosze Szymon's father, buried above) and the heartbreaking economic situation he was facing in 1934
Mosze Szymon's daughter's trip to Radzilow, fulfilling her father's last wish, 2004
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