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Interactive Radzilow Street Map

Pre-war institutions and house locations marked

Map is subject to change as more information is gathered. This latest version is drawn completely and accurately to scale, direction and angle (with the exception of the inset), with the help of a rather detailed map.
Flash interactive map no longer works because Flash is not a supported product any longer.

Designed and created by Jose Gutstein. Copyright 2005-2022 by Jose Gutstein. All rights reserved.
I am working on a very detailed and much larger map, complete with side streets and more exact house documentation, down to the last house, especially around Town Square and the main streets on the west side which were heavily populated by Jewish families, using photographs and video. Literally, a house-to-house documentation, with markers for every individual structure. There are other Jewish family houses throughout Radzilow which I'm already able to pinpoint, but have decided, for various reasons, including lack of cooperation by their landsmen families on other matters, not to include them in this public map.

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