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Radzilow - Electric Lights Come to Town

From the late 1920's

Shortly After Electricity Was Introduced


Inscription on back of photo reads:
This is the Lomzer Street
[Lomzynska Street, See map].
The electrical posts can be seen where you [word unclear, possibly "see"] more built up houses. The first is Moshe Yehuda's [Zilbersztejn]. Underneath you see the (word unclear, but looks like "anvil" and refers to the metal object on sidewalk in front of house).

Current View of the Same Street

The 1920's photo was taken from an angle slightly to the right of this one, nearer to the yellow yield sign. Notice the same window frame on the house in the middle of the photo. Also, the same light colored roof on the 2-story house on the right. Both photos have the same upward slope of the street.

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