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Monument in Radzilow

Located on Piekna Street, about 600 meters south of Town Square

Plaque reads: "In August 1941 the Fascists murdered 800 Jewish people
of whom 500 were burned alive in a barn. Honor to their memory."

To this day the plaque claims it was the Germans (as opposed to the Poles)
who murdered the town's Jews. Read accurate accounts of what really happened:


The Monument is located on Piekna Street. A slab rests on the spot, at which in August 1941, soldiers of the Wehrmacht murdered approximately 800 Jewish residents, of whom 300 were executed, and 500 were burned alive in a locked barn.
          Translated from: Remembrances & Monuments of Jewish Culture in Poland.
          Assembled, compiled and introduced by Przemyslaw Burchard. Warsaw, 1990.

Top three photos courtesy of Ty Rogers. Bottom photo courtesy of Eunice Kahn.

A group of Polish Jews and members of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia gathered in August 2011 in Radzilow to commemorate the murder of Jews in 1941.

Photo courtesy of the Jewish Community of Warsaw

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