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Holocaust Murders

Radzilovers Killed During the Holocaust

All those murdered in Radzilow, with the exception of two persons
who were killed after the war in 1945, died on July 7, 1941.

The list was compiled from various sources:
The root source was all the Pages of Testimony on file at Yad Vashem which mention Radzilow as either the place of birth, residence, or death. Duplicate entries for the same person were deleted. It was not always possible to do so since some Pages refer to a surname and father's name only, without the first name for the child. In those cases, there's no way of knowing if those represent entries for different children of the same father or multiple entries of one father by two different relatives.
The list was then augmented by personal accounts and knowledge of family members, as detailed to me.
All surnames were then changed, as much as possible, to reflect the original Polish spelling, in an effort to "standardize" the procedure. The separate sections of this web page dealing with all Page of Testimony entries at Yad Vashem left all the spellings intact, exactly as written on the Pages themselves, so that persons searching for them at Yad Vashem could easily find them. Many surnames were written in various ways and in many cases, the spelling was considerably off. But for the purposes of this list, all spellings were standardized.
Note: I'm creating a separate, even more complete version of this same list, augmented by actual records from Radzilow. Due to the private nature of those records, this list will be placed behind a password-protected area of the web page. Any Radzilover wishing to view that, when it is ready, can contact me.

YV = Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony on file
F = Family

Contact me about both lists.

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