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Town Tour - Other Towns in the Radzilow Area

Bialaszewo, Chojnowo, Osowiec

Frank Jinglewski in front of the town sign, 1998
(Photo courtesy of Frank Jinglewski)


9.4 miles NNE of Radzilow

Frank Jinglewski in front of town sign, 1998

10.5 miles ESE of Radzilow

The Chojnowski families in Radzilow, the major landowners in town for centuries, originated from here.

Town Sign

Panoramic View of Main Street

Street Scene


One of the many kapliczka "little chapels" that dot the roads of Poland;
this one outside of Chojnowo, in Mroczki

Street Scene

Outside of home in Chojnowo, 1920's
[L-R]: Hendrika Bajkowski,
Julia Bajkowski, Cheslaw Woiwowski, Bronislawa Szeszko Bajkowski

Same house on the left, 2002

Large versions available upon request.

13.1 miles NE of Radzilow

Osowiec is the site of a 19th Century fortress that figured prominently in the history of this area through the years, and during the Holocaust.
Also, some Radzilovers fled through there in an attempt to flee the pogroms, since it was the only way then to cross the marshlands
of the Biebrzanski National Park to go east, to towns like Goniadz and Trzcianne.

Large versions available upon request.